The money raised by SAMM members through their line dance routine at the Caldero Day fiesta in Los Alcazares was always going to be used to help the children affected by the recent, terrible Gota Fria. To benefit as many children as possible it was decided to spread the spending between four schools.

SAMM arranged for books to be sent to Instituto De Educacion Secundaria Antonio Menarguez Costa, painting and drawing materials to be sent to CIEP Bienvenido Conejero Requiel , an amplifier system was delivered to CIEP Petra Sanchez Rollan and sports equipment to CIEP Al Kazar. These donations cost 800 euros in total.

The response from the schools was phenomenal, particularly, Al Kazar, as they had lost all of their sports equipment in the floods.

Photos show the amplifier system with SAMM members and school staff and SAMM members with some of the children from Al Kazar school