Craving sun, sea, and sand? This is understandable after the harsh winter months and it can feel fantastic to escape to somewhere warm and beautiful for a holiday. Fortunately, there are many terrific places in Europe for a beach holiday which will provide everything that you need for a lovely holiday.

There is a place for every type of visitor too, whether you simply want to flop on the beach and read all day, go snorkelling, eat fine food or also spend time exploring the nearby towns and countryside. So, if you are looking for the perfect beach holiday in Europe then read on for a few suggestions.

Costa Del Sol, Spain

The Costa del Sol in sunny southern is always a popular choice with holidaymakers because there are many affordable and friendly resorts which makes it a good option for families. In addition to the inviting beaches and nearby facilities, there are also small coastal towns to explore too. If you are looking for somewhere a little bit quieter, then the Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical either side are good options.


When the majority of people think of Ibiza they think of its raucous party scene and that it is purely a young person’s destination, but this is not strictly true. While it is a party hotspot (and great fun if you are looking for this kind of holiday), it is also a very beautiful and peaceful island in places with a handful of idyllic beaches. This makes Ibiza a good option if you are looking to party till the early hours or unwind on the beach with a good book.

Rab, Croatia

Rab is a tiny Croatian island in the Adriatic which is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. It is home to the aptly named Paradise Beach which features postcard-esque scenery but it also has a charming old town to explore which is encircled by ancient walls. Therefore, Rab is a great choice if you want to chill out on the beach but also have somewhere new and exciting to explore.

Crete, Greece

Greece’s largest island, Crete, boasts a glorious climate along with inviting fine-sand beaches and azure waters for the perfect setting for a beach holiday. Crete is not just a beach holiday destination, however, as the island also features dramatic mountain ranges, wild landscapes and a rich culture to enjoy during your stay.

Norfolk, England

England may not be the first place to come to mind when planning a beach holiday, but you would be surprised at just how beautiful the beaches can be. While you may not benefit from the same temperatures as areas in southern Europe, during the middle of summer you can still experience perfect beach weather. Norfolk is, arguably, the best place for a beach holiday here as it is not as busy as other coastal towns and you can enjoy vast stretches of unspoiled beaches which are ideal for building sandcastles, splashing in the sea or simply soaking up the sun.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve on the southern tip of Portugal is as south as you can get in Europe and almost within touching distance of North Africa, so you can expect high temperatures here throughout the year.  It is also a very beautiful region which boasts alluring sandy beaches, rocky coastlines and sleepy fishing villages. It is hard to get bored here with so much to explore along with tantalizing cuisine and fine wine.

Canary Islands

Similarly, the Canary Islands are located off the northwestern coast of Africa, so you can enjoy a superb climate here which is why it is so popular with holidaymakers looking for a sun, sea and sand holiday. The islands are known for their volcanic terrain, black and white sand beaches, verdant forests and friendly resort towns. Staying in villas in Canary Islands is a great way to get the most out of your holiday as you can relax and enjoy privacy for times where you are not chilling out at the beach, sampling the local cuisine or out exploring in nature.

The French Riviera

Those seeking luxury and glamour with their beach holiday will find the French Riviera incredibly alluring. Here, you benefit from beautiful weather and natural scenery here. It is also famous for its glamorous beach resorts which means that you can live the high life on your beach holiday whether you are staying at Saint-Tropez, Monaco or Cannes.

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos is a good choice for families as it can be an affordable destination with lots of sunshine, inviting sandy beaches, a cool harbour and many ancient ruins which can make it an exciting place to explore. There is also a healthy dose of modern tourism on Paphos, so you are getting the best of both worlds here. Don’t forget to visit Fasouri, a wonderful waterpark just outside of Paphos.

Sardinia, Italy

This Italian island is ideal for those that like some action and adventure with their beach holiday as it features a mountainous interior with all kinds of hiking trails and ancient ruins. Sardinia also has a stunning coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches, which are ideal for relaxing on after a rewarding hike. Sardinia is also famous for its tasty cuisine, so it is somewhere that ticks all of the boxes.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

A stone’s throw from Sardinia is Italy’s iconic Amalfi Coast which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its breathtaking natural landscape. Here you will find a rugged shoreline, sheer cliffs, picturesque fishing villages and small secluded beaches. It may not provide the same beach opportunities as other places on this list, but it is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world and an amazing place for a summer holiday.

Anyone looking for a relaxing beach holiday this summer should consider any of the above. Europe is home to many of the greatest beaches in the entire world but these places also often have a lovely climate and are surrounded by natural beauty and interesting towns and cities to explore.