Renewable energy is the key to protecting the climate. The world has changed dramatically because of over reliance on non-renewable sources of energy. The great thing though is that most jurisdictions around the world have taken note of the importance of shifting to renewable sources of energy.
Wind and solar energy are expected to provide a huge portion of the future world’s energy needs. In order to see this reality, there are a couple of things that will be needed in the energy industry. The following are the five important things needed to ensure a good transition to the world of renewable energy.
1. Cobalt
The importance of cobalt in the energy industry cannot be overstated. This element is crucial in the energy storage sector. Cobalt is used to make electrodes which are used in batteries. Renewable energy used in various appliances will be stored in various kinds of batteries.
With the increase of energy-storage mediums, therefore, cobalt will be a crucial element in the industry. This material is preferred because it is affordable and effective in its work.
2. Copper
The electrical and energy sectors are defined by the use of copper. If there is one element that takes precedence over all others in the industry is copper. The material is used for a wide range of things. It is used in energy transmission, manufacture of appliances, earthing and many other kinds of things.
Copper will continue to be an important element in a world driven by renewable energy. Because of the wide usage scope, copper will not only be crucial for establishing a strong renewable energy sector, but it will also ensure its sustenance.
For investors looking to make a renewable energy investment, there are many industries to invest in. Any industry that specializes in the manufacture of electrical appliances, micro-conductors, energy-storage equipment, and various other devices is viable for investment.
3. Lithium
The shift from Lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries has been profound. This shift has happened in the span of several years. It is deemed to be one of the most important shifts in the energy sector to happen in recent years. This is because of the promise that comes with lithium-ion batteries.
These batteries are not only more efficient stores for energy, but they are also capable of maintaining a high voltage throughout a discharge cycle. For this reason, they can be used in a wide range of electronic devices that depend on energy. Lithium-ion batteries will be crucial for powering cars, laptops, and smartphones among other devices in a future that is built upon renewable energy.
4. Water
The importance of water in the renewable energy sector is huge. While water is not directly used to make electronic appliances, it is used in the production of energy. From the hydroelectric generation plants to power towers, water is an important factor in the conversation about renewable energy.
This resource is cost-effective when it comes to the production of energy because it is freely available. Water is also used for other things like cleaning panels and other surfaces that play a part in the production of energy. Because of the abundance of the resource, most future renewable energy needs will be met because of proper water usage.
5. Silicon
Silicon is an element that has a wide range of uses in the energy sector. This material has various compounds associated with it. The most important aspect of silicon, particularly in the renewable energy sector, is in the production of solar cells.
Solar energy is expected to comprise a huge part of future energy. Silicon will thus be needed in the production of solar panels. The material is not just good for tapping energy, but it is also affordable. The low cost and high efficiency will thus be pivotal for companies involved in the manufacture of solar panels.
There is no doubt that the future will be powered by renewable energy. This will happen with proper planning and implementation of policies. The shift to renewable energy is not just necessary but crucial at a time when the demand for energy is at an all-time high.
The above-listed resources are some of the most important items needed in the renewable energy sector. These materials will play a great part in harnessing the power and conserving the environment.