José Luis, a 69-year-old retired truck driver who was born in Santander but who lived in Guardamar del Segura, was stabbed to death on Monday night in Alicante by his wife , a 45-year-old wheelchair bound woman that he married on August 4 in Sax, together with her carer, a 58-year-old man.

The victim went to Alicante after being invited to a “romantic dinner” for his wife, but in reality it was an assignation that cost him his life. The pair had been married for just two weeks.

The two assailants were caught and detained by a national police officer who was off duty at the time but who witnessed the crime. He alerted his colleagues and after a struggle with one of the aggressors he was joined by a police patrol which was able to make the arrests.

Although the detainee was wheeling a wheelchair at the time of the stabbing, she was seen standing during the crime. As such the investigators consider that she does not have a serious disability that prevents her from walking. In fact, a friend of the victim acknowledged on Monday that the deceased told him that the detainee simulated her disability so that she was able to collect compensation for an accident.

The victim was assaulted with a screwdriver who was stabbed in his chest and his neck. He lost a great deal of blood so despite the intervention of the officer, nothing could be done to save his life.

The crime is now being jointly investigated by agents of the Violent Crime Group of the Judicial Police Brigade and the Scientific Police Brigade.

A friend of the victim said that the marriage between the victim and the alleged aggressor was one of convenience, but as José Luis was only in receipt of a very small pension the reason for the attack is unknown.

This was the fourth marriage of the detainee, while, according to sources, the deceased lost his wife several months ago.

The assault took place at half past ten on Monday in a car park on Calle Sol Naciente, in the Alicante district of Albufereta. The three had arranged to meet with everything indicating that the couple had planned to kill José Luis. They wore gloves and hats but the attack was seen from the top of a hill overlooking the car park by an agent of the Provincial Scientific Police Brigade who was walking along Avda Villajoyosa.

Hearing the screams and seeing the assault he began to run to the scene while reporting the attack to the National Police. The agent shouted at the assailants as he ran toward the incident.

Once he got down to the parking lot, he found the two alleged killers assaulting the victim with a screwdriver to his neck and chest. The policeman began a struggle with the man and prevented any further stabbing.

On the arrival of agents from the Motorcycle Group of the Provincial Civil Security Brigade the couple were overpowered and subsequently arrested. They were both transferred to the Provincial Police Station.

It is thought that the two killers were going to move the body of Jose Luis in the back of their van as the police found the back doors of the vehicle wide open with blankets inside the boot.