And so it came to pass that we arrived at the Wolfpack’s April Society Day. Traditionally the date for The John Woodey Trophy, but numbers were disappointing a week ago, so we postponed the trophy competition. As it happened, a decent number of members and guests eventually played.

It was great to see Joe Booth visit us for both pre and post round celebrations, nice to see our old pal back on his feet again after his back operation. The wind was picking up and the sun hiding behind clouds as we approached tee time. The wind sensed that 11:32 was a good time to increase its strength and it duly did, raising its power steadily during the day until the last 3 or 4 holes were played in gusts which sent balls every which way.

At the half way stage, several players had recorded good scores, the pick of the bunch being Bob Eno’s 21 points. Ron Colclough had picked up the nearest the pin prize on the 6th along the way. On the back nine there were again some good scores, some players obviously impervious to the windy conditions. Bob Gorrill took the back nine prize with 20 points, but nobody managed to hit the green on the tricky 15th – surely because of the wind ???

Back at The Royal Oak, once order was restored it was time to present some money and  prizes. In third place was Bob Eno with 35 points, which would have been better if he hadn’t “no returned”  on the 17th and 18th. In second place was another Bob, Gorrill, with 35 points and the winner with a whopping 42 points was “Bomber” D’Amery.

Well done sir, a fine round under the conditions. 23 points on the back nine was the clincher. Thanks to everyone for supporting us – it turned out to be a good day after all.