So you’ve booked your tickets, packed your favourite swimsuit and now you’re counting down the days until you’re able to jet off to an exotic paradise. Nothing is more exciting than the moments before your holiday, but why not enjoy your experience as much as possible by treating yourself to a beauty treatment before you leave? Whether you’d like to rejuvenate your skin ready for a sun tan, or sculpt your body using liposuction for more body confidence around the pool, there are many pre-holiday treatments available. Interested? Find our top picks below.


We all love sunbathing by the pool from time to time, but the experience can be draining for those who don’t feel comfortable with their bodies. Unless you rock up to your resort in a wetsuit, it’s challenging to find a swimsuit that covers your stubborn trouble areas, so why not sculpt your body using a liposuction treatment instead? Thanks to the precise fat targeting capabilities of this treatment, liposuction is able to contour your body to your requirements and make you feel 10 times more confident in your swimsuit! After all, not all of us can stay on the perfect diet when surrounded by scrumptious, native delicacies!

Facial Treatment

For something a little more subtle, a facial treatment can work wonders when in pre-holiday mode. Not only can this treatment act as a way to destress from the weight of holiday planning, but will rejuvenate your skin and give it that holiday glow that will make you feel extra glamorous while soaking up the sun. Specialist treatment can come in a range of different varieties, so you can find a facial treatment that matches your specific skin type, whether it be typically dry or oily.

Breast Enhancements

If you’re looking for a more dramatic surgical change, a breast enlargement might be just what you’re looking for, or alternatively a reduction if that would make you more confident. There are many surgical options available for breast enhancements, all matching your exact requirements to help you to enjoy spending time in your new, favourite bikini.

Asides from the size of your breasts, an enhancement can better shape your breasts to help them sit nicely, and even-up any asymmetries that may cause your breasts to look noticeably uneven. Plus, while many breast enhancement treatments require extensive surgery, treatments such as a fat transfer are much less invasive, giving you minimal recovery time and more time to enjoy your new bikini body!

Drip & Chill

This is a procedure that not everyone is familiar with, however it’s perfect for those looking for a little revitalisation before they jet off away on holiday. In order to feel energised for their holiday, many people turn to juicing as a method of detoxing, and while this can work wonders when done frequently, I think we can all agree that they don’t always taste the best. Instead, receive all of the detoxing vitamins and nutrients that you need via a drip and chill treatment! Here, you will simply receive an IV drip or injection that delivers an infusion of vitamins that have been tailored to your body’s requirements, allowing you to feel rejuvenated before your holiday!

Pre-holiday treatments are a great way to get into the mood and give yourself some well-deserved pamper time to feed into the entire holiday experience! Whether you want something major or minor, there’s a treatment out there for everyone, guaranteed to give you the confidence that you need while bearing all in the sun!