The only building remaining from the 1829 earthquake in Almoradi will be rebuilt by a team of thirty unemployed people from the area in a project that got underway this week and which will last for 12 months.

The property belonged to the engineer Larramendi, and now in a state of virtual ruin it will require a complete rebuild and refurbishment including gardening, structure, masonry and painting.

The councillor for employment, Miguel Gascón, said that in addition to offering employment to 30 young people is a very emblematic municipal project which can be valued for many years to come as part of the local heritage.

The project will see the complete refurbishment of this unassuming property, which will be carried out by thirty unemployed people from the municipality who will be trained in the three specialties required to carry out this work that will add value and history to the town as one of its greatest attractions.

A further five unemployed almoradidenses, will also join the municipal brigade that reinforces the cleaning in the municipal gardens where they will help with clearing the weeds, a problem has spread throughout the municipality while four more labourers will be employed to fix pavements.