Airport security and Air Traffic Control strikes are expected to occur soon at some of SPain’s busiest airports for holidaymakers.

Security staff at Prosegur have announced that they may go on strike because of low salaries and cuts which are badly affecting working conditions. If an agreement cannot be made between trade unions and the Ministry of Public Works, this strike could have an affect on holidaymakers in Valencia, Alicante, and Murcia.

Strong competition between security companies is causing security and cleaning companies to have to undercut each other in order to secure the contracts. The result is poor pay and harder working conditions for employees of these companies.

Companies such as the Ralons Group who own Security Integral Canarias, are being blamed by trade unions as the catalysts of strong competition which is causing poor pay and working conditions.

In addition, passengers could face more delays on August 23 as air traffic controllers prepare for further strikes. August 23 is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.

Any interruptions by the air traffic controllers would affect Britons travelling to Mediterranean hotspots such as as Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca.


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