Annual Presentation Dinner

The Ladies of the League gathered at the Quesada Country Club for their 14th Annual Presentation Dinner.  The evening commenced firstly with the meal, which was excellently produced by the new management of the Club.  After the meal, the Presentation part of the evening commenced with a minutes silence in Memory of Jeannie Parrish and Irene Russell who had died during the season.

Following this, special presentations were made to Geoff Lloyd and Theresa Winters, along with Graham and Thelma Dyer.  A further special presentation was made to June Howarth, who due to ill health was standing down as a Captain in our League, but intends to keep in touch as Vice Captain of her team.  This followed Flowers being presented to the Captains for all their hard work during the season.

New Player Awards

New Player Awards Certificates for scoring 100+ during the season were presented to the following new players:  Janet Boyd, Sue Cam, Gllenis Pritchard, Dot Ryder, Caz Marrit Clarke, Chris Atherton and Hilary Hilton.  Certificates and a Ladies League Badge were presented to Deborah Le Grys, Josie Bligh, Lisa Alsop, Linda Bentley, Mitch Halliday, Beatty Powell, June Hawkins, Stacey McDermott and Sharon O´Rourke.

General achievement awards was then presented; 180 Simone de Lacy,  171 Groa Ingvadottir,  Bull Finishes: Chris Greenwood, June Hawkins, Mitch Halliday and Ellen Attwood; 140 Badges went to Beatty Powell, Caroline Shepherd, Kim Fickle, Martelle Cheater, Mitch Halliday, Tracey Simpson, Sam Billingham, Deborah Le Grys and Carol Hurlby.  Least Darts as shared by Tracey Simpson and Cynthia Jevons, with the Highest Checkout going to Amanda Skinner.

Captains with their flowers

Most 100+ on each team went to Pamela Taylor of Black Dog Ladies, Joy Don of Friendly Chicas, Ellie Attwood of Friendly Temps, Bliss Wright of Gogartys Gap Ladies,  Mitch Halliday of Primadonnas, and Groa Ingvadottir of Wildcats.  The most 100+ overall went to Jane Costello of El Balcon Chicas.

The most games won on each team went to Pamela Taylor of Black Dog Ladies, Chris Greenwood of El Balcon Chicas, Joy Don of Friendly Chicas, Ellie Attwood of Friendly Temps, Mitch Halliday of Primadonnas, and Pam Horton of Wildcats.  The most games overall went to Simone de Lacey of Gogartys Gap Ladies.

Trophies presented to Ladies Pairs Champions, Beatty Powell & Mitch Halliday, Runners-up Christine Pattinson & Eleaine Willis, with joints third places going to Pam Horton & Lorraine McGrath and Christine Greenwood & Jane Costello.

Ladies Singles Champion Bliss Wright, Runner Up Elaine Willis,  joint 3rd Place Pam Horton and Cynthia Jevons.  5th to 8th places went to Mitch Halliday, Josie Bligh, Beatty Powell and Tracey Simpson.

League Runners Up The Wildcats

The Captain´s Cup, a new Award this season.  These were presented by each Captain to a player on their team as follows:  Noreen Dobbs Black Dog Ladies, Shirley Stephenson El Balcon Chicas, Friendly Chicas to Jeannie Parrish, Ann Bartlett Friendly Temps, Irene Russell to Gogartys Gap Girls, Linda Bently Primadonnas, and Janet Boyd Wildcats.

The Players Team of the Year went to Gogartys Gap Ladies.

Diana Lloyd Memorial Shield went to Gogartys Gap Ladies, and Runners Up Friendly Chicas.   A special award presented for the Highest Checkout throughout the competition went to Gail Murray.

Founders Format Champions Gogartys Gap Ladies, Runners up El Balcon Chicas, and 3rd Place the Wildcats.  The Wooden Spoon went to the Primadonnas.

The League Champions:  Gogartys Gap Ladies,  Runners up The Wildcats and 3rd Place the Friendly Temps.  The new perpetual Wooden Spoon went to Friendly Chicas.

Finally, the Player of the Year went to Simone de Lacy. 

Player of the Year Simone de Lacy

Congratulations to Simone, and Congratulations to everyone in the League for such a good season.  Special thanks to Maxine and John at Quesada Country Club for hosting the evening.  From me, thanks to the League for my gifts and to my team the Wildcats for all their very special gifts.

The AGM is on Tuesday 13th June at El Balcon, please do your best to attend.  Enjoy your darts everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all again next season and at the AGM.

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