Wildcats & Friendly Temps


Diana Lloyd Memorial Shield

This week we had the quarter finals of the Diana Lloyd Memorial Shield.  The Primadonnas were at home to the Friendly Temps, and this was won by the Friendly Temps.  Then we had the Black Dog Ladies who were at home to the Friendly Chicas, and it was the Friendly Chicas that won this game. 

Finally, we had the Wildcats against El Balcon Chicas and this was won by the Wildcats.  The two semi-finals tomorrow Tuesday 23rd May will be:

            Friendly Chicas              v.          Friendly Temps

            Gogartys Gap Girls        v.          Wildcats

Geoff Lloyd and his daughter will be in attendance to watch the proceedings and maqke the presentation on Saturday at our Presentation evening.  All teams in the League are asked to provide a Raffle Prize please, and you are also reminded that this is the last date for bringing your menu choices for the dinner, and your  nominations for the  Player’s Team of the Year Award and the Captain’s Cup.

League Play-Off

This year we are making history for the League, with a tie for 2nd place meaning a Play-Off for the first time with the Friendly Temps against the Wildcats.  An enjoyable and exciting evening was had by all, culminating in the Wildcats winning the match gaining 2nd Place in the League, with  the Friendly Temps in 3rd Place.  Well Done and Congratulations to both teams.

Annual Presentation Dinner

As you know the Annual Presentation Dinner will be held at the Quesada Country Club, on Saturday 27th May 2017.  Plese remember that the time has changed, and will be 18.30 for 19.00 hours with the Presentations and Entertainment after the meal as agreed at the AGM. 

Keep up the good work and enjoy your darts everyone.

Pam Horton – 96 571 0066 – Emails: