A dead couple are found inside a house in Torrevieja. The 63-year-old woman was found in an advanced state of decomposition and may well have died a few weeks ago, while the man, aged 67, is thought to have only recently passed away.

The Guardia Civil and Bomberas were called to the house at 7pm on yesterday evening (Tuesday) by the woman’s son who had not been able to contact her for some weeks. On arriving at the property, a first floor apartment located in la calle Bella Antonia, in the neighbourhood of Nueva Torrevieja they found the lifeless bodies of a man and a woman.

The Firefighters received judicial permission to gain entry to the home which they had to do through a window, to avoid forcing the door. Security forces found both bodies in the living room.

According to local Spanish press, the 63 year old woman was in an advanced state of decomposition, sitting naked on a couch but according to early indications, the 67 year old man, who lay on the floor, also naked, and by the side of the same sofa, died  only a couple of days ago.

The Civil Guard Judicial Police and the Torrevieja coroner confirmed that there are no apparent signs of violence. The first assumption is that both died of natural causes.

According to neighbours the couple have lived in the flat for approximately 8 years, having moved into the area from Madrid. The woman originates from Guinea whilst the man is said to be Spanish. They are both said to have had a problem with drink with one theory being that the man just didn’t notice the death of his wife!

Neighbors were visibly shocked with the event, one of whom said that he had never met them, even though they had been residing in the building for eight years. “They kept themselves to themselves”, he said, “as a result of which no one thought to report the very bad smell that was coming from the flat.”