Whereas road building would not normally be considered compatible with “green” policies, much like their recent promise to build car parks, again, proven to be environmentally damaging by countless reports, the Los Verdes are supportive of just that, in particular the widening of the N-332 in Torrevieja (much as it might be needed, it’s not an environmentally friendly decision).

In a meeting to local Los Verdes members in Torrevieja, the candidate for regional president, Joán Baldoví, stated that “I have presented amendments in Madrid to unblock the N-332 for 11 years, but PP and PSOE have always blocked them”.

Baldoví, who is in fact the Compromís candidate for the Generalitat Valenciana, stressed that unlike other formations that talk about issues that have little or nothing to do with the real needs of citizens and that want to stir up fear, “Compromís stands out for dealing with the real problems of the citizenry, which is why we come to talk about housing, mental health and mobility in Torrevieja”, seemingly unaware that all those topics have been discussed in detail by other opposition groups fighting to take over Torrevieja town hall, along with other local matters, all of which he could have read about in The Leader, as well as improving public transport, which would normally align with a green manifesto, along with the development of more green areas in the town.

Examples: Housing, Mobility (specifically the N-332)

In his speech, he highlighted the strategic importance of solving the existing mobility problem in Torrevieja with respect to the N-332 and revealed that for years he has presented amendments for the duplication project to be carried out, but, that they have been thwarted by PSOE and PP, even a former deputy from the city voting against these amendments.

On the other hand, he has also stressed that the commuter project that has been presented since the formation of the coalition contemplates recovering the railway line that connected Torrevieja with Alicante and Murcia, again, a seemingly pipe-dream project that has been discussed for many years.

“These are historical demands of the city, and while other parties only come to put on medals and sell false promises exploiting an expired city model, these are demands that Los Verdes de Torrevieja have led and integrated into the city model they want to develop”, highlighted the candidate for Corts, Tamara Martínez Lidón.