Having recently announced the key members who will be fighting the elections with mayoral candidate on behalf of the PSOE in Torrevieja, Bárbara Soler, the group is now detailing their proposals for government, with active housing policies at the forefront of their campaign.

Torrevieja has registered during this last year, according to several real estate portals, an increase of up to 26% in the rental price of housing. The loss of purchasing power of families and the increase in the cost of mortgage loans together with the scarcity of new housing supply, have made access to the purchase of a house a feat, they say, which subsequently implies a notable increase in the demand for rentals in a market, the result, in turn, being reduced availability.

The socialist candidacy has pointed out that the Partido Popular, led by Eduardo Dolón, “has completely forgotten about one of the main needs of citizens, and continues to turn its back on the real housing problem: exorbitant rental prices that prevent young people from becoming independent, and suffocate families’ economy”.

Bárbara Soler has affirmed that “the creation of a Housing Office, assisted by technical experts in housing matters, is as urgent as it is necessary”. Said Office -which already exists in many other towns- will be in charge of promoting and fully processing all the aid from the State Housing Plan and Youth Rental Bonus, as well as offering advice on lease contracts, evictions, foreclosures and lieu in payment. The socialist candidate assures that “for the young people of Torrevieja to be able to emancipate, they must be provided with options to rent at affordable prices.” Many are unaware of the Youth Rental Bonus, the application period for which is currently open.

Likewise, Soler has affirmed that this Office can act as a mediator with banking entities and vulture funds, to avoid evictions derived from the increase in the price of the Euribor, or other reference indexes or adverse economic situations, all in application of the regulations regarding this context, such as the Decree Law on urgent measures to deal with situations of vulnerability and residential emergency in the Valencian Community, and to avoid abuses in the real estate field, approved on February 27, 2023.

The Socialist candidate has advanced that this Office will also be in charge of processing aid for the rehabilitation of homes and adaptation for people with reduced mobility and advising on the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings and the commitment to promote energy self-consumption.

In addition, the PSOE candidate wanted to highlight that the Asset Management Company for Bank Restructuring (SAREB), -the so-called “bad bank”- currently has numerous homes in Torrevieja that could be made available to people who need a rental at an affordable price.

Finally, Soler assures that the PSOE of Torrevieja will work hand in hand with the regional administration for the purchase of housing for vulnerable families within the framework of the “Plan Adha”.