The Cambiemos manifesto for Orihuela contains 300 proposals that are divided into four main categories: Municipality and urban area; heritage, culture and history; social rights and municipal services; Town Hall efficiency and order.

Entitled “Add to advance towards a better Orihuela”. “Some are very concrete and very specific measures that only require political will, others are measures that will require a longer period,” according to Carlos Bernabé, the Cambiemos councillor and candidate for mayor of Orihuela.

In addition, he said that “these proposals are both realistic and life changing. We keep in mind the Orihuela we inherited in order to move towards the Orihuela we want to have”.

He regrets “that the program is very similar to that of 2019, due to the paralysis and lack of progress caused by the coalition Governments of PP/C’s and C’s/PSOE”.

Bernabé outlined the four fundamental principles that structure the program: Protecting the territory and changing the urban model; protection of Heritage, Culture and History; advances in social rights and municipal public services and, finally, moving towards a more efficient, orderly and decentralised City Council.

The local formation has presented it as its vision which is built on the basis of the experience gained over many years as well as by listening to the public for the collection of proposals in markets and other areas in the city.