One of the American customs that has invaded the commercial world is Black Friday, a herald to Christmas celebrations…and gifts. Shani Ormiston has delivered a gift with yet another Christmas themed song, full of light, love and fun.

What brought many of us to Spain was the sun and Shani has used this as a theme in her latest composition with a wonderful videoclip of her and friends celebrating the jolly, holly season on the beach with a Santa as a Centrepiece.

“Mas Que Suerte” is the title with a positive attitude that while the sun shines all will be well. And though it is written in Spanish it is easy to follow and so far has received a warm welcome.

It follows last year’s successful Christmas song, “Dancing by the Mistletoe” which was nominated as best festive song in this year’s Hollywood Music Awards. Shani likes to illustrate the words of her songs by pictorial videos and this song follows a typical Christmas theme of a love waiting for her lover to come to spend the holidays with her.

Shani’s Magical Christmas

Some great scenes recorded by Carlos García who likes inserting symbolic items, such as carrots for Rudolph or little Christmas cakes for Santa. The couple finish the rustic video by dancing under the mistletoe and a sly wink for viewers from Shani as she looks up to the mistletoe, indicating what she has in mind.

Both songs are on social media and videos on YouTube and other platforms as well as Shani’s own page. If that gives you a tasting of Christmas then another treat from Shani is a newly released Christmas álbum “Shani’s Magical Christmas” with her interpretation of popular Christmas songs plus a few of her own with their own message. Shani has been referred to by Spanish commenters as “another Mariah Carey”.

This Singer-songwriter has live performances this month with an appearance at the annual English “Carols in the Plaza”, now in its twentieth year on 14th December. On 18th December Shani has her own live concert in the central plaza of Torrevieja with the lights of the Nordic Christmas tree as a backdrop and accompanied by musicians and dancers, and audience participation.