Residents of Crevillente Will now be encouraged to separate bio-waste, as the municipality is the latest to join in the revolution of the brown bin.

The fifth type of waste receptacle, or brown bin, is intended exclusively for organic waste, and have already started to appear in some areas of the municipality. They will gradually be installed in other areas until reaching the desired quantity of 150 bins.

This measure implies a change in waste management, since instead of going to landfill, the contents will be given a second life in the form of “compost”.

Likewise, this measure is accompanied by a promotional campaign aimed at making the neighbourhood aware of its importance and explaining how to make good use of this new service, indicating which elements should be incorporated.

The organic remains which should be put in the brown bin include food such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggshells, dried fruit, and shellfish, but also garden debris, flowers, leaf litter, coffee grounds, infusions, etc.

The Councillor for Public Services, Noemí Candela has thus encouraged the inhabitants of the municipality “I encourage the people of Crevillent to continue working to improve the appearance of the town. Now, in addition, we have a great opportunity to contribute to improving the environment by giving a second life to our organic waste and bio-waste in the form of “compost”. With this new service we also contribute to meeting the objectives of the 2030 Agenda”.