I guess, in fact I know, I am old fashioned coming from a period when life was so simple, and it was possible to understand everyday functions. Our grandchildren no doubt comprehend this new world they are being brought up in, so different in its way and understanding.

Possible, although maybe not quite yet, the little ones our great grandchildren will be even better equipped to understand the virtual brain that surrounds us.

It controls our thinking. For instance,  when sending a text through WhatsApp the device encourages you what to say next, I was only thinking of using the word dance in a sentence, when pictures of couples dancing came on the screen before I had started writing, that is beyond my logical thought.

It seems to me the intelligence of man is being taken over by his own invention, (I use the word ‘man’  and ‘his’ in the universal language of meaning everyone). We appear to be living in a giant intelligence which understands your thoughts, but then again it can be manipulated by others to control or bend it to their way of thinking.

Take for instance the Montenegro Government which in a news report says it has  closed down because of a  cyber-attack the result of which was not mentioned. However, the FBI are concerned and have sent a team to try and sort it.

I used to play chess, not very good, although I did win sometimes and then thinking to myself, I’ll try that coordination of moves again, but of course the next time the opponent recognises it and blocks it, meaning another way of attack is necessary to try and win. An endless game of cat and mouse trying to beat the opponent.  However, someone always wins in the end.

Are we not seeing something similar with the cyber-attacks  or the constant scams being operated daily, different ways of tackling to cheat people out of their hard earned money, or at a different level gathering corporate or government secrets. As soon as one method of deception is curtailed then another is put in place.

Most people have a ‘Jessabelle’ in the corner In a little white round box sitting in the living room or elsewhere, you only have to say ‘Alexa’ and ask it a question on any subject and almost immediately it will answer complex  questions, it makes me wonder what is the point of learning the complication of percentages or other mathematics, or come to that, history, when with a few words the date of any event is ready available just by asking.

It has now got to a stage where  we have come to rely on all this ingenuity of gadgets daily as it has entered our lives at all levels – we should put the worry of climate change and its implications at the back of our minds and be concerned about what would happen if the bad boys win this game of intrusion into the complication of the cyber brain surrounding us, and the good boys have no answer for their invasion into robbing our banking systems.

More worrying is, if at any moment in time you could pick up your mobile to make a call and it is dead because the whole of the internet system has collapsed. A dreadful scenario where nothing is working. Power stations closing, cities grinding to a halt, all transport systems unable to operate and the television would be a blank screen in the corner. Sounds like science fiction? But if it happened, we would all be back to living simply.


On this day, In the morning of Tuesday eleventh September twenty-one years ago, four  airliners on internal fights in the  United States were hijacked by nineteen Islamic Terrorist, taking control of the aircrafts, two of them were flown into the Twin Towers in New York, the buildings were totally destroyed killing 2977 people including the terrorist and those on board the aircraft, although the exact figure is not known. Another  of the aircraft crashed into the Pentagon whilst the fourth hurtled into a field after it is believed the passengers overtook the extremist preventing them from destroying another building.

My thoughts are that the saboteurs continue their conflict against the West but differently. During this very hot summer, by arson, causing what seems to me an unusual number of fires especially those close to towns and communities with the result a village in Essex is totally destroyed , also a similar scenario in many other countries, it is easy to blame global warming – but I don’t think so.

Another interesting happening on this date in 1944 is when the German troops started to flee from the American forces during the Second World War. It was the first time Allied forces had entered Germany during the  conflict; this had been achieved by the US First Army, commanded by General Omar Bradley,  at the border town of Eupen.


Just recently we have seen on the news because of the of the war in Ukraine there is a problem of moving grain from the fields of that country to Africa and the clapping of hands when some ships have been able to leave the ports in the Black Sea, loaded with what we are told is lifesaving food for the people in Africa.  Why don’t the people in that vast Continent grow their own?

How is it that drivers in Spain take what seems great delight in using traffic indicators when travelling on the motorway when it is obvious they are going to  change lanes. Why, when it is very necessary,  do they find it difficult to use them to show their intention when at a junction or roundabout?

Finally, wishing the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss every success, Godspeed and a fair wind. Take care.

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