This weekend, one of Benidorm’s most famous residents will be celebrating a very special birthday.

Petita the elephant, a resident of the Terra Natura animal park, will be celebrating her 50th birthday, and to mark the five decades of life of this emblematic elephant, the traditional Hindu Holi festival will take place on Saturday from 11:00 a.m., in which hundreds of kilos of coloured powder will be thrown among the participants.

Elefanta Petita first became famous after she arrived at the park, as the herd she was to be integrated into took an instant dislike to her, as due to her thinness she was considered ugly.

However, going against the will of the herd, one elephant, Kaiso, took pity on her and made friends, helping her overcome rejection and finally seeing her accepted by the herd.

The celebrations for the big day have already begun, with a shower and pedicure session taking place on Wednesday, followed by the painting of her forehead, and of her inseparable companion Kaiso of course, with lavish meals of fruit and vegetables being prepared to celebrate the run up to the big day.