Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Manuel Butron has taken the step to speak out following the unprecedented dumping of a plethora of items in the Vega Baja town.

“I ask for your citizen collaboration, this is our town with the town Council having never had so many people cleaning daily,” said Mayor Butron.

The problem has arisen following the placing of items, including mattresses metal items and furniture, alongside and inside general household waste bins.

“It does not consist of cleaning more, but of littering less, and having a little citizen awareness,” said Mayor Butron.

Mayor speaks out amid unprecedented dumping in Vega Baja town

With regards to such items, he said: “The belongings are collected on Tuesdays and the garbage daily, except on Saturday nights.

“We are drafting a new list of garbage – with door-to-door collection. I ask for collaboration – it does not consist of imposing fines. This is everyones job,” added Mayor Butron.



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