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Percys Ramblings

Percy’s Ramblings

The Jubilee

If it wasn’t so senseless in that someone can take offence at Len Goodwin by saying he is talking rubbish, it would be laughable. This is a man who talks inoffensively and was loved by millions when he was a judge on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Clare Balding, who was the anchor on the programme had to make an apology when he was referring to ‘curry’ on the Jubilee Show, saying ‘My Nan used to call it foreign muck. But I must say, it was delicious, so tasty.’

By declaring it as senseless demonstrates how small minded some people have become with their indignancy at such a simple statement, and as Len is seventy-eight years old, his grandmother’s account is the view of someone from many years ago, who no doubt is no longer with us – no it just has to be laughable.

Seventy years is a long time, and don’t we all know it, and yet it goes by in a flash marked out by the outstanding events of Her Majesty the Queen’s various celebrations at ten-year periods as she led the nation, and the Commonwealth as Sovereign.

This year’s four-day event has surpassed all others. I believe it was more than a celebration for the current holder of the title, it was also a festival observing the stability of the British way of life that the unbroken line of Royalty has created over hundreds of years, tracing its roots back as far as 921 AD when ‘Alfred the Great’ issued laws as King of the Saxons, and is recognised when England was formed.

The four-day event with its street parties, music and fun  brings back many memories of similar occurrences over the years. Here in the Hondon Valley we partied like the rest of the U.K. enjoying the event with festivities in the sun.

The reports of the events were good to see and yet we must be the only country in the world which can seriously mix fiction with reality when Prince Charles, along with his wife Camilla, visited the set of the BBC television soap ‘Eastenders’. It’s not a real community, it is a made-up story. But still, as a fiction writer and storyteller I should not complain.


We have seen in more recent times large organisations, such as banks, leaning over backwards – so to speak – to ensure their customers were happy with the service they provided. Now it is nigh on impossible to talk to a person and one needs to deal with the mechanical answering system. How things have changed in such a short period of time.

However, the financial sector with all their rudeness and lack of commitment to their clientele cannot come near the disasters being inflicted on the touring public by the travel industry. Will they be forgiven for the delays, the long uncomfortable waiting, or will it be a shot in the arm for the struggling holiday destinations around the United Kingdom?

Disappointments happen and, in a lifetime, I can remember there have been a few – but too few to mention – with apologies to the lyrics in ‘My Way’. However, I have not had the disillusionments people are suffering when trying to take their holiday break at this time. There cannot be a worse heartbreak in day to day living than to be woken up at two thirty in the morning with a text message, to be told your seven thirty flight to your holiday destination has been cancelled.

This has just happened to a couple coming out to visit for a few days, they were due to arrive on the aircraft from Bristol on the Sunday morning.

The insult and abuse of the cancellation did not stop there as they were told their replacement flight was Tuesday evening, two and half days later than when they were due to fly, arriving early Wednesday morning. Now, considering they were planning to return on the Thursday, the following day of the suggested replacement flight, the arrangement was not acceptable.

The airline – which is supposed to be ‘Easy’ – had another ploy they could take a voucher for their future use.

This elderly couple had, for some time, had an agreement with the airline to be transported for a few days to the sun.  Just hours before the arranged time, the carrier could not honour the arrangement and cancelled, as I already said, by text.

Obviously, they were not prepared to fly out one day and return on the following, so they wanted an earlier flight time. The couple had already paid for the journey that was cancelled and were shocked to be told that if they wanted an earlier flight, other than that arranged, the extra fee would be one hundred and seventy pounds.

They paid the exorbitant sum and arrived the following day, but even then the plane was late.

In my mind that is extortion, and no doubt others will think the same – surely, they are entitled to compensation for the loss of a days holiday and also the cost of the original flight. Ah! I guess the dreaded small print, which we all willingly agree to when dealing with these conglomerates, will  preclude them from taking any action for the recovery.

I read that the British Government is looking at ways for companies to have humans to answer enquiries. Perhaps at the same time they could look at the small print which in most cases destroys any agreement one thought they had with a supplier.

Summer Derailed

“There is never a good time for a railway dispute and I apologise for that”. That is a union boss making a statement about the upcoming proposed strikes by the railway personnel.  Another blow to the country trying to get back on its feet after Covid. Why don’t they back off and get behind the administration in its attempts to balance the books? Take care chattey