The Local Police of Elche arrested two men for drug trafficking, after fleeing in a car and leading the police on a chase.

The events took place north of the urban area, when a patrol observed the occupants of a vehicle without a seat belt, so they proceeded to stop it. When one of the agents approached him and requested the driver’s documentation, he accelerated and fled.

The police began the chase through several streets, joined by other members of the municipal security force. While they were trying to catch up with him, the driver threw a red plastic bag out the window, for which the patrol that was going to support stopped to pick up, discovering that it contained a brown vegetable substance, supposedly hashish.

At one point during the chase, the car entered a street in the opposite direction, encountering another car that blocked its way, allowing the officers to intercept.

The police identified those involved, verifying that the driver was wanted by the courts in Denia. For its part, the Judicial Traffic Police Unit carried out a drug test on the two suspects, giving a positive result.

The hashish was weighed, with a total of 402 grams, in addition to the intervention of 550 euro in cash and three mobile phones. For this reason, both men were arrested for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and transferred to police facilities.