An initiative led by Joan Pàmies, which has more than a hundred supporters, has asked the Orihuela Council to approve the maning of a street, square or avenue that will bear the name of Josefina Manresa Marhuenda, advocate and widow of poet Miguel Hernández.

The request coincides with the 35th anniversary of her death in Elche and seeks to comply with a plenary agreement that was first adopted almost six years ago on September 28, 2016.

As well as being his wife, Josefina is the person mainly responsible for the conservation of the poets legacy following his death, which this year celebrates the 80th anniversary.

The municipal initiative also stated that the chosen site would be located somewhere relevant to the lives of both.

“This measure will serve to publicly acknowledge the wife of Miguel Hernández, who was born in Quesada (Jaén), but who spent a good part of her life in Orihuela, a town to which she moved as a child with her parents, and in which she would meet her husband.


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