Mojácar Council has approved at an extraordinary plenary session the initial approval of the General Urban Development Plan, drafted by the company TCA Cartografía y Geomática, S.A., as well as the Strategic Environmental Study, and submitting to the environmental body the planning instrument and the complete strategic environmental evaluation file in order that the Strategic Environmental Declaration is formulated within a period of three months.

The Municipal Corporation had already initially approved the General Plan and the Environmental Study at a plenary session in October 2021 in order to put it out for public information, being exhibited for 45 working days.

Eighty-eight arguments have been presented and have been answered by the drafting team and incorporated into the PGOU General Urban Development Plan document.

The aim of Mojácar’s new General Urban Development Plan is the comprehensive planning of municipal land to adjust the PGOU by adjustment of the NN.SS. (subsidiary regulations) to the LOUA and the new circumstances, adapted to the Andalucía Land Planning Law and applying them to the new objectives and needs of the municipality, protected by the transitional provision which enables this in current legislation. The area to which the planning will be applied is the whole of the municipality, with an area of 71.5sqm.

It includes measures in terms of housing, with a reserve for social housing, plots to develop, the list of different types, free spaces, as well as important reports: the current state of the land, analysis of the historic centre, construction, among others.

The General Urban Development Plan is an instrument for general planning, basic for the comprehensive planning of the land, through which land is classified, the regime applicable to each is determined and the fundamental elements of the municipal system of facilities is defined.

The Mojácar General Urban Development Plan has required binding reports from Artistic Heritage, the Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Culture and General Directorate of Cultural Assets, Environment Ministry, Directorate General of Infrastructure and Health Ministry, as well as those from the Hydrographic Confederation, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Ministry of Development and Coasts at State level.

In the PGOU approved at this plenary session, some changes are included, which do not alter the initial document, brought about principally by the observations from the issued reports, a total of 41, and the information provided by the different bodies, as well as the arguments presented and considered.

The Mojácar Mayor has presented this General Plan as a continuation of that which had already been worked on previously, being definitively approved for this summer. In this plan there have been included, in respect to the previous, the recently developed sites, and likewise there are included the new projects already underway, such as the health centre, the bus station and the bypass.

The General Urban Development Plan will be displayed to the public and anyone interested will be able to consult it. From the Local Council the Town Hall experts will be at the disposal of anyone with any queries, and the drafting team will be present to be able to meet with residents or any interested parties who request information directly from them.