Knockout Cup Semi Finals

Dannys Bar v Tipsy Toad Toppers – Venue – El Capitan,

Lee Maiden’s D10 in the 5th singles was the Toad’s passport to K.O.Cup victory, where they will face Mind the Gap in the final. The Toad got off to a flyer via a 180 and D1 from Andy Rutter in the first, Dannys cancelling the lead with a D5 and a couple of tons from Steve Hodgett. Rutter 100, Maiden 121 and another D1 from Hugh Galloway restored Toad’s advantage. Alan Walker scored heavily with Lesley Lumb to take the 1st pairs, Steve Lumb 100, D2 adding a 3rd leg, despite a Rutter 140. Andy Gildea planted a D20 in the final pair for 3-3.

Unexpectedly Toad reeled off the first four singles through Gildea D20, Rutter100, 140, D16, Galloway 133, D2 and Maiden for the match, Walker unlucky to face a rampant Gildea. John Giggs 140, 100, D13 and Paddy Winterbourne 121,100, D10 completing the remaining legs. MOTM – Rutter – Giggs.

El Capitan v Gap – Venue – Danny’s Bar

An abundance of decent scores from the Caps in the triples proved worthless, as the Gap raced to a 0-3 lead via Sam Salt 100, 125, D18, D2 and Bliss Wright D5. James Brown throwing a couple of tons for good measure.

Bliss Wright and Olly Walker

Gordan Cowan and Salt T16, D8, made it four without reply, Ed Klimonis claiming a 100. The tide turned in the 5th, Andreas Lliamazares 97,95 and Olly Walker 100, 85, 99, D10, followed by a Chris Logan 50 out, reduced Gap’s lead to two at the break.

Nigel Justice 100, 91, added a 3rd for the Caps, before Paul Moody nudged the Gap closer to victory with a 121 and 60 out. Walker faced Brown in the 9th leg which was over in a blistering 3 minutes, Walker 140,137, D16, victorious, Brown, 81,100,99 sitting on a shot.

Salt18, D20 made it 4-6, Vycka Bobinas 100,85,97, D1 ensuring the match went to the last leg. Cowan ensured the game didn’t require a 13th lg 1001 team decider by outscoring a spirited Chris Logan performance with 95,100,100,81 and double. MOTM – Walker – Wright.

Auxiliary Cup

Wee Rock Horrors v Tipsy Toad Tiaras – Venue – C.C.’s  

The Horrors were ready and waiting for the Tiaras at host venue CC’s, practicing away in their neon yellow attire, surely a distraction tactic?  The lads took all the triples, courtesy of ex-Topper Graham Solomons (2 x 100, D4, 20-D10) and Adrian Coates (100, D4).  The Tiaras fought back hard in the pairs with Sharon Marshall and Elizabeth Cowan (92, 100, D5) taking the first from Solomons and Joe Cuyt, and then Simone de Lacy (81, 100) and Pat Schofield (D5) taking the second from super stars Coates and Billy Dolling.

Reports by Paul Durrant

Wendy Hayward and Sharon Crane (105) almost brought it to 3 apiece but Andy Forest and Tony Spiers (135, D18) just managed to put it to bed first. Tony (100, D1) and MOTM Billy (T20-D8) so very narrowly claimed the victory over Eliz and Pat to bring the score line to a tantalising 6-2 to the Horrors. but the Tiaras weren’t ready to slide just yet.  Lisa Ivill (95, 3-D14) made it all still possible and then Simone faced Adrian in a rematch of the shoot-out in the first half season.

Adrian 2 x 100, 80 was determined to be the victor this time but MOTM Simone (102, 79, 81, 18-20-D10) did the dastardly deed again in a total of 18 darts. Solomons’ 100, D3 secured the Horrors a place in the final (7 -4) in the penultimate singles but Sharon Marshall nabbed the highest score of the night (140) in the last one Which captain Forest nailed for a full-time 8-4 .  See you again next week boys, leave the light on!

Freaky Taverners v Hub – Venue – Wee Rock

Wee Rock enjoys an excellent throw and both sides made good use of the facility. Freakies nicking the 1st leg courtesy of John Boden 133,95, D1 and Sharon Frain 95. Mark Ellis 100, D16 squared the match and followed with a 140 in the 3rd, John Rodford 100,81, outing on D16. Sheelah Cooper 111 and Ernie Willis 100 answering for Freakies.

John Boden and Alan Havelock

Willis made it 2 apiece with John Boden, before Eric Manders D10 and Ellis 140, D20 opened a 2-4 lead. Alex Nikolov throwing 100,121, Bryan Livsey 100,120,80 and Frain unlucky to miss a double opportunity.

Hyenas rattled off the required 3 legs for victory in the singles, John Eyre D20, Rodford 100, 100, D20, Alan Havelock, 100, 100, 100, D16, taking the honours. Ellis added D2 for the Hyenas, Mitch Halliday 125, and Boden two consolation legs for Freakies. MOTM – Boden – Havelock.

ProScene – Cazoo Premier League.