Almoradí town hall has put out to tender the works for the repair of five municipal homes all located on the same street in the Barrio de la Cruz damaged by the floods of September 2019. A sixth will also be acted on but for its demolition. The basic bidding price is set at 200,000 euro (IVA included).

Almoradí was one of the municipalities most affected by the Dana of September 2019. The breakage of the banks of the rio Segura as it passed through the municipality of Almoradí caused many parts of the municipality to be flooded and left serious damage to public and private property.

Some works on the repair of infrastructure in the municipality have already been undertaken, more than two years later, the City Council has put out to tender the works for the repair of these five houses and the demolition of a sixth.

Four of the buildings are uninhabited. One of them has damage that is “significant enough” so that the drafting of the project has been considered “economically unviable” to repair it. For this reason, both the drafter of the project and the municipal technicians have decided that it should be demolished. This house to be demolished has 120 m2.

These homes were built between 1935 and 1950, and have between 70 and 85 m2 of constructed area, except for one that has 129 m2. Of the five homes to be repaired, not all have the same degree of damage.

Some require the replacement of tile and paint, and others require demolition and replacement of partition walls in bedrooms, the fireplace, false ceilings, and the bathroom and kitchen tiling. Also electrical installation, plumbing, doors and kitchen furniture.

Regarding the bidding process, only the contract price is set as the sole criterion for the award. Regarding the economic and financial solvency of the winning company, a minimum of 247,933 euro is set as an annual turnover in at least one of the last three years. In addition, an execution period of six months is stipulated.