Hidden in the midst of the Christmas festivities, Torrevieja’s Partido Popular run council intends to give the final approval to a project that will end up destroying one of the last green lungs of the town, the emblematic and historic Doña Sinforosa park.

Once again we find that while trying to distract the public with smoke screens, typical of other times, the future of the city is being decided in offices behind closed doors and behind the back of the voters, with almost no public debate.

This is a highly important decision for the city, since the apartment blocks that are projected, that have been denounced by Los Verdes on numerous occasions, will destroy not only the facade of the port, but one of the most emblematic landscape vistas of the city, the Doña Sinforosa park.

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The project, submitted by the Baraka Group, aims to build more than 130 homes and 250 tourist apartments in two buildings on 32,000 square metres of land and of 82 meters high, with 26 floors and three basements.

Torrevieja Skyscrapers Marred by Controversy
Doña Sinforosa park will disappear if the project goes ahead

This approval comes with the negative report of the Costa Blanca as well as with a multitude of allegations, stating that not only is the project required, that is typical of times during the long forgotten real estate and speculative boom, but it is also a project that collides head-on with the wishes of the people and with a city plan that looks to the future and not to a past such as that in Torrevieja, that is tinted with corruption and the destruction of the city.

Also noteworthy is the “disappearance” of the hotel concept within these buildings, which already pose a serious problem for the sustainability of the environment. These hotel beds are now intended to be converted into tourist apartments, showing that Torrevieja, once again, is committed to a model that is leading other cities to ruin, and above all is causing obvious problems of gentrification and harmony with residents of the areas adjacent to the project.

It shows once again how the Partido Popular not only lacks a proper vision for the city, but also denies a serious, rigorous and representative social debate on the future of the city, in the interest of it’s cronies in the property development area.