In a rare political alliance, Cambiemos, PSOE and Vox have all united in supporting the proposal ‘Unitary Agenda of Actions in Orihuela Costa’, that has been signed by 18 resident groups and associations on the Oriolano coast

The three municipal opposition groups in Orihuela have presented a joint motion that endorses, the points that make up the proposal for a “Unitary Agenda of Actions in Orihuela Costa” signed by 18 residents’ groups and associations.

According to sources from the three parties, all of which has municipal representation in the Oriolano Council, the promoters of the initiative requested meetings with all municipal groups.

The only ones that did not attend were the two that make up the Municipal coalition Government, the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos. Indeed Mayor Emilio Bascuñana (PP) and Deputy Mayor José Aix (Cs), refused to meet with the groups representing over 30,000 residents to discuss their complaints.

According to the three political formations, this is what has motivated the joint proposal: “We do not believe that the people represented by the associations deserve this treatment, to be continually ignored. Our Coast needs urgent improvements to it’s management”, they said.

PSOE, Cambiemos and Vox all agreed that “it is an absolute disgrace that the only groups that refused to attend are the PSOE and Ciudadanos, the two groups that have the power to make improvements. Completely ignoring them is not the answer.”

María García Sandoval (Cambiemos), Carolina Gracia (PSOE) and Maria Asunción Aniorte (Vox) explained that “after many years enduring poor services” the concerns that are reflected in social networks will undoubtedly lead to further protests by residents if they continue to be disregarded by  the Orihuela Council.