Almost 60 members of the Local Police Force were on parade last Wednesday when they lined up on the Flamenca Beach Esplanade in solidarity for the residents of the Orihuela Costa to whom they will be providing day to day security in the coming summer months.

They paraded with their transport which included patrol cars, 4×4 off road vehicles, bicycles, motor cycles and jet ski´s in an impressive show of strength that should have local criminals quaking in the boots.

The Maritime Police contingent comprising of 4 agents with 2 jet skis will provide coastal patrols every day while a further dozen agents assigned to the bicycles and motor bikes, will patrol the coastal walkways from Punta Prima to Mil Palmeras.

Representatives from Ambumar, who will provide rescue and first aid on the Costa´s beaches also took part in the presentation.

Also on parade were Antonio Sánchez, Councillor for Security, José Aix, Deputy Mayor, and José María Pomares, Chief of the Orihuela Local Police, although I would suggest that for the three of them it was more a photo opportunity than an intent to further bolster the security.