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Julie’s Blog

This week I thought it only fair to check in with you all as to what I’ve been getting up to. The last few weeks, I’ve been concentrating on getting to know the fantastic musicians & singers of the Costa Blanca a bit better & giving you all a little insight as to who they are off stage.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a rare gig or two myself, all outdoors & all socially distanced, well organised & the response has been just amazing. It felt great to sing to people in a real setting & be appreciated by people who love music & having fun. I’m still active on Facebook with online gigs through the Live Lounge Costa Blanca, but when it comes to working indoors of a pub or restaurant, we are all still very much so off limits.

A group has been set up here in Ireland on Facebook called ‘Irish Music Industry Stands Up’ where everybody is meeting in different counties to highlight the injustice being shown to the music industry in the form of a silent protest. That takes place this Wednesday at noon to show solidarity for the industry. We all agree at this stage that we deserve to be back working & doing what we love & if that’s not going to be for another few weeks, it would be nice to even have a roadmap to give us a date & a little bit of hope.

I know of some musicians that have decided to quit music altogether as they’ve had enough of the restrictions that were put in place which is a terrible shame, but here’s hoping after Wednesday, when we all meet to represent ourselves, it might lift their spirits enough to change their mind.

I may be far away in person but I am very much still here in my heart.
I may be far away in person but I am very much still here in my heart.

This is also the week where my kids finish up school for the summer & I cannot wait to get on the road with no time limits & visit some of the beautiful spots that my county & surrounding counties have to offer. I feel like there’s been no routine whatsoever this last year so I’m happy for them to finish up & start fresh for a brand new school year in September. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who feels the same. Bring on a fun & action packed summer.

I provided a disco for my children’s National School last week & I always find it a great time to embarrass them as I’ve always done through their crèche too. Mammy turns up for work in school, it never goes down to well but I love it. It’s great to give the school a fun day & a good kickstart into the holidays.

I was very sad to read the news of the passing of La Zenia legend Oliver Carey. When we first moved from Tenerife to Cabo Roig, Paddy’s Point was the very first bar we visited & Oliver was the first to great us with his massive smile & adorable sense of humour. He was a character with a heart of gold & no doubt will be sorely missed by everyone. My thoughts are will you all in the community.