Earlier this year, a bank of solar panels appeared alongside houses on the south side of Montebello, Algorfa. No information was provided on who they belonged to or why they had been erected in that particular position!!

The residents of Montebello have now discovered that Algorfa Town Hall has received notification of a proposed Solar Panel Farm, consisting of approximately 140 THOUSAND panels to be situated between the Urbanisations of Montebello and Monte Mar, and alongside the main road to La Finca.

Not only are these panels being placed extremely close to houses in both Urbanisations but will totally surround three dwellings in the campo, with their only access  being through the panels themselves!!

Hundreds of trees would have to be removed, along with losing acres of wildlife habitat.  The implications regarding erecting a solar panel farm so near to houses, are numerous.  The main one being the effect on health.

The huge number of planned panels could produce dangerous amounts of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Of course, those who build the structures will say they are totally safe.  Algorfa is  a beautiful area, which would be totally destroyed by 140 THOUSAND solar panels, coverings acres of countryside.  There will be no benefit to the locals as the electricity produced will go straight to the into the grid.

It is understood that San Miguel Town Hall has also received a similar proposal!