Internet is the most valuable chunk of modern-day technology. Trillions of bytes are transferred each day on the World Wide Web across the various parts of the globe. These numbers create an important need for internet security. Virtual Private Network or the VPN is the best way to develop a private network on any provided public network.

It is often observed public networks are not safe for sharing critical data as it can lead to a security breach. Switching to a VPN can maintain a much safer environment for internet browsing. The Express VPN is the number one trusted leader in providing VPN services.

With Express VPN you can access any type of content including Gclub Casino and sports websites.

Strengths & Weaknesses

The first thing that matters about using the Express VPN is that there are no logins required to use it. The creators claim to provide a high-security environment for the users with the help of AES-256 bit encryption. It is considered the strongest encryption in the industry to protect your sensitive data and files.

The network speed using the Express VPN is considerably fast, and lags are prevented at all costs. In other words, you can rely on the software to giving a seamless internet experience. It is compatible with all the available operating systems like PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

On the other side of the coin, everything has a negative image of its name. Express VPN is an expensive VPN available in the market to date. Their services come with a high price tag, and users need to buy their premium package to unlock the full potential. iOS members don’t have the facility to kill the VPN with a single switch. For the time being, the VPN does not support Linus OS and might become available in the future.

Alternatives for Express VPN

No doubt in the fact that Express VPN is the best in business. But still, many users prefer going for some cheaper alternatives. These alternatives will not be as great as the original software but will do a similar job at less price. Some of the alternatives for express VPN are,

  • Cyber Ghost
  • Ultra VPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • Hotspot Shield

You can download the respective VPN software from the internet. These are available for free download and will function as a typical shielding application.

Streaming Performance

The next thing that matters while using a VPN is the browsing speed of the application. Most of the users avail themselves of the VPN services for their streaming purposes on various OTT platforms and online surfing. There have been claims made by the developers that the software provides the best streaming performance. Surely, the regular users of Express VPN are satisfied by the services and the features adopted by the VPN. For instance,  we will talk about the favorite streaming platform choice of users- Netflix.

For most situations, Express VPN is suitable for Netflix in every corner of the globe. However, some errors might surface while streaming in Germany. Users can stream HD video quality with no lag problems in other parts like Brazil, Chile, Australia, and Peru. If you are a streaming enthusiast, Express VPN should be your first choice.

Server Locations

Express VPN never fails to provide a seamless internet experience to its users. They make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their service. As per the latest data collection, Express VPN successfully serves in 94 countries and handles more than 160 VPN locations worldwide. The users can individually select all the locations are per their requirements. If a particular location is not meeting the website cookies, you can switch to a different location with a click.

Customer Service

Express VPN has a support team ready to serve your issues at any time of the day. They will provide you with express solutions, and your problem will be resolved as soon a possible. You can connect up to five devices with a single VPN account and even share details with your family and friends. There can be any combination of devices regardless of the variation in operating systems. You can connect with the customer services team directly from their official website.


You can avail yourself of a 30-day money-back guarantee before purchasing the full plan of Express VPN. This will give you time to test out the features and believe yourself in this software’s greatness. Here you can check even more detailed review of Express VPN.

Everything is risk-free, and it is for sure you will like the overall performance. Still, if you change your mind and find it not value for money, the complete payment will be refunded. In the end, having Express VPN on your device is a preferred choice, and you must use it in the coming days of 2021.