As a raft of passengers were refused aircraft boarding to Spain in recent weeks Mary MacLeod is just one of the many who were denied access to a plane from the UK to Alicante-Elche airport.

“A Ryanair employee went to speak to someone else – and said they weren’t allowed to let me board – the Spanish authorities would send me back home because I don’t actually own a property in Spain,” said Mary, who was left heartbroken at Liverpool airport on April 3.

Glasgow born Mary says she was left absolutely gutted after Ryanair staff allegedly refused her permission to board the flight.

She was set to fly to Alicante after having moved to Spain in 2020, but says airline staff wouldn’t let her board the flight.

It came, despite her saying she had documentation proof that she had a right to fly.

Since the UK left the EU on January 1 people attempting to board flights to Spain have been denied entry, some despite boarding flights, only to be made to reboard the plane they arrived on to return home, as reported by the Leader.

Passengers attempting to board flights to Spain have been left confused, as a result of rule changes caused by Brexit and coronavirus travel bans.

Many claim they were wrongly turned away from flights – despite having valid travel reasons and the documents needed to enter Spain.

Mary, 53, said she had proof that she has applied for residency, a letter from a lawyer, stating that she was returning to complete the process, evidence of an appointment to obtain a Padron certificate, and a copy of a rental contract for her apartment.

“I have been left absolutely gutted. If I don’t get to Spain I won’t be able to sort out my residency, under the Withdrawal Agreement,” she reasoned.

“We’re just trying to get over to Spain – and get on with our lives – but there just seems to be so much confusion, and it is costing people a lot of money,” she added.

Mary MacLeod said others were also turned away at Liverpool airport after attempting to fly to Alicante-Elche airport.


Mary MacLeod on her balcony near Alicante: Flight to Alicante thwarted.

By Andrew Atkinson