The umbrella plant is a small tree-like plant that can grow to heights of up to 2 metres with the foliage growing in a unique eight-spoke style – that looks like an umbrella.

Umbrella plants do not flower, but provide interest with their many varieties that have unique leaf markings.

The plants are easy to care for and grow extremely fast, best in moist soil, so you can have a very tall plant within a growing season. Overwatering can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Under watering, will cause the leaves to droop.

It’s recommended to feed the plant every two to three weeks with regular liquid fertiliser but once the plant reaches the height that you want it to be, you can then stop fertilising as often. Fertilising the plant once or twice a year is then adequate.

Umbrella plants require lots of light, but should never be positioned in direct sunlight, as this will cause the leaves to burn.

As the plants grow so quickly, you will need to prune in order to keep the plant the shape and size you desire.  A harsh prune will promote a plant that is sluggish to become more lush.

Propagation is easy by taking cuttings from a mature plant of at least two inches long to help the new growth take root.

If you have pets, note that this plant is slightly toxic to dogs and cats.