Work has been approved this week, at a cost of € 84,547.65, for the upgrade of the sanitation system around the Teatro Circo de Orihuela.

“The works are required on the sewage network to increase the capacity for capturing and channelling rainwater, through the addition of new scuppers and the improvement of existing ones, in addition to the installation of pipes that allow rainwater to be directed to the Río Segura ”explained the councillor for Infrastructure, Ángel Noguera.

This work will help to reduce the local floods that occur repeatedly in the area, by increasing the drainage capacity for the water to flow away.

The area adjacent to the Teatro Circo is one of the first to suffer flooding every time there are heavy rains, so with the improvement of the network, increasing the number of scuppers and its own drainage capacity, these situations will be avoided in times of heavy rains and increased flow of the Segura river.