Unions have asked for a delay in the return to school in the Valencian Community to January 11 –

The increase in coronavirus infections means that the Generalitat is studying the possibility

The unions have asked this Monday that a return to school in the Valencian Community be delayed to January 11 beyond Thursday, January 7 which is the date currently planned.

The increase in coronavirus infections has been unstoppable during December and the forecast is that it will increase even more after the Christmas holidays. As such the teaching unions advise not to resume school activity on January 7 , as planned, but delay it to Monday, January 11 “at the very earliest”, according to teaching union STEPV.

Although this measure is being considered right now by the Generalitat, STEPV insists on its, as it first proposed on December 18, before starting the Christmas holidays.

Other parts of the country, such as Catalonia and the Canary Islands, have already taken the decision to delay the restart as have a number of other European countries where they have closed schools for at least two weeks following the Christmas break.

The STEPV ask that, if the start is delayed, it be announced well in advance: “This measure should be announced now so that families can organise themselves in good time and not have the uncertainty about any last minute decision being made”.