As awareness continues to grow around the importance of reducing our impact on the planet, it can be hard to know where to start and overwhelm can cause people to lose hope. To help people to see that it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to start to make a positive change, the team at Eco Passion have produced a free guide, with a ten-step plan to leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Founder Sarah Spencer explains, “We all know we should be more eco-friendly, but speaking to hundreds of people about their lifestyle and their environmental impact it became clear to me that many like to have guidance on where to start. I strongly believe that small changes, made by large numbers, will be essential to turning the tide and creating real change for our planet.

So, this guide offers some very simple changes that people can make and the reasons why they are important to our planet. These can include simply stopping buying bottled water and taking reusable bags to the shops, reducing meat intake and recycling.

All easy changes to incorporate into our modern lifestyle, and if adopted by hundreds of thousands of people, they will not only make a difference to the waste we’re producing and the resources we’re consuming but also send a message to the corporate giants that our consumer habits are changing.”

The guide is available in English and Spanish and includes 10-steps to take to becoming more eco-friendly and a checklist to chart your progress and see how far you’ve come. The Eco Passion team encourage you to work through the steps at your own pace and feel proud of each achievement along the way.

They want to hear how people are doing via their social media channels and see a picture of everyone who completes the checklist and feels like an Eco Hero!

Visit for more information and inspiration and to buy eco friendly products to help you on your journey.

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