The President of the Generalitat will delay his request to the Ministry of Health for the Community to move into phase 3 of the de-escalation process until 15 June at the earliest He said that he wants to strengthen the health framework before rather more before making a final decision. “We are going to remain in a state of prudence,” he said when asked about this matter during a public event in Valencia on Wednesday morning.

The autonomous administration will have control of its own de-escalation process once the State ends the single command, but  it wants to continue in talks with the Ministry of Health and analyse the evolution for the remainder of this week, the first in phase 2, before making a final resolution.

Next Monday, therefore, would be too soon with Puig saying that the request would be for Monday, June 15, always for the whole of the autonomous territory without any division between provinces. “We want a safe Mediterranean so that we can offer the greatest possible security ,” said the head of the Consell, who insisted on reinforcing health measures to “move forward firmly but without accelerating more than is necessary.”

He said, however, that, measures are still being evaluated to enable movement throughout the territory without the provincial restraint, to facilitate travel to second residences, as specified by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló. The president added: “We want to end the provincial barriers with regard to our movement as soon as possible, but we have only been in phase 2 for three days, so we must recommend caution,”

Experts in epidemiology and infectious diseases at the Sant Joan Hospital in Alicante spoke on Tuesday about the importance of controlling possible infections at the moment to avoid a second wave of coronavirus .

At the first face-to-face mini-congress held after the confinement of the pandemic, with the about 40 people in attendance, a third of the capacity of the hospital assembly hall, the heads of epidemiology, María Teresa Gea and Dr. Francisco Jover spoke of adopting measures to avoid epidemiological transmission. They believe that the current Public Health measures are adequate but they warn that the virus depends on our behaviour, so a second wave cannot be ruled out, regardless of the fact that current high temperatures may favour current containment as well.

The consellera for health agreed as she stressed the importance of respecting social distances “so as not to have an upturn”.

Also the rate of transmission of infections by each infected person has been decreasing to the current 0.75, for which Barceló attributes the “joint responsibility of all”.

The data continues to decline, with a third consecutive day without deaths from coronavirus in the Community and without new infections in the province and just ten throughout the autonomy.