• The age of the “clients” ranged from 15 to 17 years

The Civil Guard in Rojales has detained a 30-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, as the alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health, for the cultivation and trafficking of drugs.

The operation operated a very active point of sale of drugs to minors in that town that has now been dismantled. The police arrests took place last Friday but the Civil Guard has only just released the details.

The Civil Guard say that they have broken up “an important centre” surrounding the sale of drugs in  Rojales, which, according to the investigations being carried out, had been active for quite some time, and whose main customers were minors.

The Almoradi Civil Guard, who, after receiving information, concentrated their investigation on the rather excessive movement of people around a Rojales home, near a children’s playground and located above the main post office in the town, next to the route of the river Segura.

It was found that people were in the house for only a few minutes and when these same people were later identified in the surrounding streets, they were all found to be in possession of small packets of hashish or marijuana.

Once a search warrant for the property was obtained, the agents found one of the rooms was solely being used for the cultivation marijuana, made up of 83 cannabis sativa plants, with which they supplied their entire portfolio of clients. They also found material for the care of plants (halogen lamps, fans, electric transformers, etc.) and elements for weighing and distributing the drug (precision scales and containers).

Both of those arrested, a man and a woman, Spaniards of 30 and 24 years of age respectively, were held as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health for the cultivation and trafficking of drugs. After being handed over to the Investigating Court number 2 of Torrevieja, the man was detained in prison while the woman was released on bail.



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