Los Montesinos Council present ‘COVID-19 Aid Plan’


By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos Council has presented the ‘COVID-19 Aid Plan’, after a working commission was created and validated by the local Government team.

“We wanted to take into account three aspects that we consider essential at the moment.

“Serving and protecting those who are most vulnerable right now, proposing measures that revitalise the economy, by focusing on the business fabric, and also on citizens, and adapting public services to continue working for Los Montesinos,” said Mayor Butrón.

Mayor Butron also highlighted the work being carried out by the Municipal staff – listed as Essential Services – such as Local Police, Cleaning, Maintenance or Social Services.

The document, which includes more than 40 measures, works in three strategic lines: protection of people, economic stimulus and adaptation of public services.

The measures include a call for aid, so that the population left in a more vulnerable situation due to the health crisis, can cover their basic expenses for food, housing, pharmacy and energy supply.

The programme ‘Like healthy-eats in house’, whereby menus will be provided at home to the elderly, dependents.

A full list of details is available from the Ayunmiento de Los Montesinos website.

Caption: Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Butron - helping neighbouring villages in the wake of the Gota Fria.

Los Montesinos Mayor Butron

It also contemplates the actions (up to 15) that have been developed to adapt public services to the state of alarm, such as the purchase of PPE, disinfections, completed throughout the Municipal area.

The provision of essential services and the implementation of  communication channels with citizens, including information on social networks and a specific Municipal website related to COVID-19.

Guaranteeing the means for staff to continue working telematically and preparing a new leisure, fun and healthy offer, from the areas of Parties and Sports.

Mayor Butrón, thanked the effort being made by the entire staff of the Los Montesinos Council “to adapt resources and continue to provide a public service that is even more necessary at this time, if possible.”

The Mayor highlighted Work Commission, promoted by the first deputy mayor and councillor for Local Development and Development, Ana Belén Juárez, which is also made up of AEDL by Social Services personnel.

The Mayor of Local Development and Development emphasised the need to reactivate the local economy, so that the measures we propose have a wide scope within our competences.

And that we are not left alone in a gesture – as shown by the  lowering of the IBI coefficient – but we are willing to favour with forceful measures the business fabric and the liquidity of people, so that we can recover as soon as possible from the consequences of this health crisis,” she said.

Work that Social Services are usually carrying out, with people who were already being cared for, continues to be provided.

The COVID-19 Assistance Plan includes extraordinary measures, for those families who have been seriously affected by the state of alarm.

“We are working with an eye towards all vulnerable people: elderly, dependent, with special needs, women victims of gender violence, single-parent and large families.

“We will be attentive to where the need arises and we intend to be quick and effective to respond, especially during the alarm state.

“For all of them we are going to get extraordinary emergency aid, whose bases are already being completed jointly by the AEDL and the Department of Social Services.

“With which social welfare is going to be guaranteed, as well as we are reinforcing home help services.

“To protect the elderly and dependents, so that they remain confined, so that this ends as soon as possible.

“And creating new measures, such as the agreement with restaurants that serve a daily menu at home.

“We have also launched psychological care, via online and telephone, that can be accessed by anyone who needs it,” said the Councillor for Social Services, Nathalie Dubi.

The Mayor concluded his presentation of the Aid Plan COVID-19, encouraging the Work Commission to focus on developing these measures, so that in a short time, they can be a support for citizens and the business community.