Two people have died and another two are seriously injured following a devastating traffic incident which took place in Cerceda, La Coruna, this morning.

The two vehicles crashed into each other at KM3 on the AC-413 road in Cerceda. One of the cars lost all control and was thrown off the road. It hit a telephone pole and burst into flames with the two passengers still trapped inside. The car, a Citroën Saxo, was completely destroyed and the two victims sadly died.

The second vehicle was a Mercedes. The occupants, a 53-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman, were seriously injured, and were taken to a local hospital.

It is believed that one of the cars tried to overtake a car in front, and crashed into a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

The road was temporarily cordoned off while police collected evidence, removed the vehicles, and cleared up the damage.


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