Writing is a powerful medium of expression. With the pen to scribble down words on the pages of a book, tons of things can be expressed. This piece will talk about essay writing and it will recommend to you where you can get cheap essay writing service. This site offers high-quality essays at affordable prices.

Writing is an art. It is a skill that must be nurtured and practiced to attain dexterity at it. A writer is a thinker. Having a pen and a book does not make you a writer. Anyone can have that. What qualifies you to be called a writer is your ability to express your thoughts, arguments, opinions or views, in the written form. So, writing goes beyond just “writing.” It is a creative way of expressing yourself in a structured way through a written format.

There are several kinds of writing for different occasions and purposes and finding help with a persuasive essay. One of the types of writing is essay writing.

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What is Essay Writing?

An essay is a form of writing that involves the bringing together of ideas, opinions, points of views about a particular topic. An essay is highly structured and discursive. Its essence is to show your points to the readers. This conviction can only be arrived at if your points are clear, coherent and convincing. Essay, therefore, is an avenue where you convince people, through your writing, on a particular topic or subject matter.

Essay writing is the act or the activity of writing an essay. It is the thinking process through which an essay comes to life. Essay writing is an art. It involves creativity. It is structured and objective. Essay writing involves the skill of the writer. Being an art, the skill cannot be exempted.

Many often shy away from essay writing because it is seen to be difficult or even boring. Thoughts like these can hamper one’s writing ability. But thanks to modernity, thanks to the internet. You can get cheap essays from online websites. There are many remarkable sites where you can buy a cheap essay of any type of your choice.

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However, this article will be giving you some essay writing useful tips that can improve your essay writing skill.

Tip 1. Select a Topic

Essay writing is centered on a topic. The topic is what you are writing about. The topic can be given to you by your teacher as an assignment or chosen by you. Been given a topic by your teacher can be challenging because you may not be familiar with it. Nevertheless, your unfamiliarity with the topic should not be a hindrance. In fact, your skill will be enhanced when you try “strange” topics outside your comfort zone. So, the starting point for an essay is a topic. Get one.

Tip 2. Purpose of the Essay

There must be a reason for writing the essay. Are you aiming at persuading your readers? Are you describing something or someone? For example, I stated the purpose of my article in the introductory paragraph. You need to decipher the purpose of your essay It is around this purpose that your points will be built. After getting the purpose, make research. Gather and know vital information. It is important you do these as they will aid your writing.

Tip 3. Make a Draft

A draft is the rough sketch of your essay. Making a draft will help you to have a grasp of the framework of your essay. It will give you the mental picture of how the essay should be. Ideas are generated here. Also, it can serve as a means through which you monitor yourself. Drafting will prevent you from making mistakes when rewriting because you would have taken note of them when you’re drafting.

Tip 4. Organization

One of the cogent things that determine the quality and credibility of a good essay is organization. Essays without organization can disrupt the readers’ interest. It will also result in disharmony of ideas, vagueness, and imprecision.

Organize your essay into paragraphs. Have an introductory paragraph. This is where you introduce the topic. Have the main paragraph. This is where you give your points of views, and finally, have a concluding paragraph. This is where you summarise your points and end the essay.

The organization shows the logical connection of ideas in your essay. It is important you know how to use it. Also, ensure to spice up your essay with colorful expressions. Avoid grammatical errors. And make good use of punctuation marks.


Essay writing is fun! Do not run away from it. Learn how to write it.