Cartagena Navy specialists tasked to carry out explosion of Civil War bomb


By Andrew Atkinson

CARTAGENA Navy specialists are undertaking a task to carry out an explosion of a Civil War bomb discovered in Barcelona.

Navy specialists set sail from their Cartagena, Murcia, base on Sunday August 25, and arrived today (Monday August 26) to undertake a highly dangerous challenge, in a bid to make a controlled explosion of the device.

The Deputy Mayor of Security of the City of Barcelona, Albert Batlle, and the Civil Guard engineers, stated the bomb was probably dropped from the air during the Civil War.

The bomb measures 10 metres in height and 80 centimeters diameter: “The bomb is potentially dangerous to manipulate,” said a spokesperson.

The unexploded bomb was discovered during a Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) being undertaken by the Civil Guard.

The Urban Guard took immediate action in evacuating bathers, along with the affected section of Sant Sebastià beach, situated in the Catalan capital, being cordoned off.

A warning was publicly announced once the explosive device was found. The bomb was located at sea, approximately 30-40 metres from the coast.

The Cartagena Navy specialists will be responsible for blasting the bomb – submerged just three metres.

The Urban Guard was keeping tourists at a safe distance on Monday – having swarmed to the beach – after news emerged of the bomb find.