The Orihuela PP government has finally reached an agreement with Ciudadanos who have now been invited to join them in a coalition government.

The arrangement brings to an end several weeks of negotiations and will now provide the municipal government with an absolute majority consisting of 9 councillors from the Partido Popular and 5 from Ciudadanos.

Next Wednesday José Aix will be formally announced as deputy mayor and his 4 councillors will be incorporated into the Orihuela Government, each being given at least one department to run from within the council administration.

It is understood that the council departments to be handed over to Ciudadanos will be allocated as follows: José Aix, Deputy Mayor and Urban Planning , Luisa Boné: Human Resources, Ezcurra Mar: Culture and Youth. Ángel Noguera: Infrastructure, Works and Services. Ramón López: Beaches, Education and Public Safety.

Although they will begin their terms of office without a salary following their opposition to the proposed salary scales at the last council meeting it is thought that mayor Emilio Bascuñana will now hastily arrange a second plenary at which the motion will once again be discussed and no doubt ratified.