Unions have called off an indefinite strike after achieving improvements in their working conditions, upgrading of the facilities in their depots, increased payment for overtime and an agreement regarding holidays during the summer months.

The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, made the announcement on Monday afternoon, stating that the City Council and the road cleaning service workers have reached an agreement, so the strike announced by the unions to be held during Holy Week is now cancelled.

The councillors for Road Cleaning and Human Resources, Dámaso Aparicio and Rafael Almagro, met with employees and representatives of the trade unions. They stated that there had been no investment in the service since 2012 but since coming to office the present administration has put the machinery in place to be able to improve the service.

The new arrangement will see improved working conditions, overtime payments, an agreement to allow 25% of the workforce to take their holidays during each of the months of June to September, the acquisition of four trucks worth 900,000 euros, in addition to a high-pressure cleaner for the coast and more containers.