The Councilor for the Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, said that urgent action is going to be taken to remove and clean up with the fly tipping and waste dumps on the Orihuela Costa.

He said that he has recently been made aware of the problem and he will act immediately to remove the unsightly and unhygienic debris that has been deposited on the sites.

The work will last between three and four days, will be concentrated in three specific areas The first one will be in the landfill located on a plot in the PAU 26. It is a municipal plot that has an area of ​​46,500 m2.

Items dumped include plastics, household goods, debris, green waste and tyres, estimated by his staff to be a volume of approximately 44 tons. The area is currently visible from the AP-7 motorway and does little for the image of the Orihuela Costa.

“There is also a second site on an adjacent plot,” Fernandez said, adding that ” it is an open area with easy access on which it is easy to deposit waste.

Fernández said that the third landfill is located in a municipal urban plot of 12,000 m2, belonging to the partial Plan H-1 Villarosa sector. “This landfill has generated a significant degradation of the environment which adds to the public health risks of local residents who are directly exposed directly to the physical and chemical effects of the dump, with the increase of rodents and the proliferation of mosquitoes that breed in this type of environment “.

He added that the cost of the works will be in the region of 6,000 euros which includes “removing, transporting and depositing the debris on an authorised municipal site”.