The arrest was made of an individual on Friday evening for the alleged arson attacks that have occurred in the Guardamar Pine Forests in the last fifteen days.

The man was said to be a person of diminished mental capacity who had been living rough in the woods during the summer months.

After taking a statement from the perpetrator and holding him in custody over the weekend he was finally released on Monday morning. However, following his release he immediately set another fire, the eighth in fifteen days, which was quickly spotted and extinguished.

In collaboration with the Regional and Local Police, the Guardia Civil then arrested him once again, for the second time in three days, where he now remains in custody.

Over last weekend, during the 72 hours of his arrest no charges were actually brought and after exceeding the legal period of detention, he had to be released.  However, following the latest arrest and detention yesterday he will now appear before the courts where prosecutors will be asking for some precautionary measure to ensure that the man moves away from the municipality.