Councillors Noelia Torres Gea and Maria Jose Costa Medrano said they were delighted to see the centre back in use

The Community Centre at Las Filipinas has continued to develop it’s services in recent weeks since being featured in this newspaper last month.

As a result of the initiative of Urbanisation President Francisco Morales, and with the cooperation of San Miguel de Salinas councillors and its town hall, is now being used by residents on a regular basis.

Just 2 weeks ago Spanish language classes got underway with over 40 students taking advantage of lessons which are now available at both a beginners and an intermediate level. The course was inaugurated by Councillors Noelia Torres Gea and Maria Jose Costa Medrano.

There is also a reading room and an International library, although Snr Morales said that it still a work in progress with bookcases still being in short supply. However the library is open and books can be borrowed as required. He also said that he would be delighted to accept any spare shelving as well as donations of books which are also very welcome in any language. Just drop them in to the centre.

The Federation of Associations of the Orihuela Costa (FAOC) said that initiatives like this, “are extremely welcome and serve as an example to us all.”