Local residents in Blue lagoon and Las Filipinas have come together in a bid to open an International library at Las Filipinas Social Centre.

They are seeking books in all languages, but particularly Spanish, English and German, to add to the small stockpile that they already possess.

The centre is also seek help from teachers, instructors and community minded people who might like to set up a hobby or instructional group in the centre for the benefit of local residents, thereby bringing together a whole range of different activities for all to enjoy under one roof.

Toys for the children
Toys for the children

Already the centre accommodates a small detachment from the Policia Local in San Miguel where you can seek help or advice. It is also equipped with a kitchen as well as tables, chairs and classroom facilities, a table tennis table, desktop computers and lots of toys for young children. The centre management also hopes to establish a theatre group, petanca and sports clubs and run regular social activities.

The centre is situated 200 meters from the Urb Blue Lagoon arch. It is open Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm and eventually, as activities are added to the schedule, the opening hours will be gradually extended.

The centre is ready to use
The centre is ready to use

Speaking to Francisco Morales of the Asociacion Venicos Las Filipinas, he tells me that the centre has been opened thanks to the cooperation of the San Miguel Councillor for Residents, Maria Jose Costa Medrano, who has offered whatever support she can provide to get the centre going.

“But now we need the help of the local community,” he said. “Books in any language as well as help in setting up new activities which we can then offer to all local residents.”

“Our main aim is to improve the relations among the European Residents who live in Las Filipinas and nearby, as well as working with the municipal authorities in order to improve the services provided in Las Filipinas.”

Further information on the centre is available on the facebook page ‘Asociación Vecinos Las Filipinas’.

You can contact the centre management either with a private message through the facebook page or by calling in during opening hours. Alternatively you can email Francisco Morales by email at: n332facebook@hotmail.com



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