Mojácar Town Hall and the Mojácar Pueblo Merchants Association have organized the 2nd annual Outdoor Painting Marathon that will take place on the first two weekends of December.

Held for the first time last year and, as a result of that success and all the positive feedback, the organization will stage a repeat of this outdoor cultural activity which artists, visitors and residents of Mojácar equally enjoy.

For this year, the outdoor painting contest has been divided into two parts. The first weekend of December, from Saturday 3 to Monday 5, will be dedicated to the well-known Walt Disney. This is a small tribute to mark the anniversary of his death on December 15 and, a reminder of the unconfirmed legend of his possible mojaquero origins. This first stage will be carried out by muralists and graffiti artists who will produce their pieces of work around the old town of Mojácar.

On the second weekend, from Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 of December, artists of any pictorial style will be dotted around the streets of Mojácar, in search of any motivating nook and cranny, landscape or character that inspires them in the creation of their work.

Any artists aged 16 or over can enter the competition. The theme of the work must always be centred on Mojácar and the works must be carried out during the contest period. The technique will be a free choice, with minimum dimensions of 100×70 cm and maximum 120×100 cm. Framed or glass-protected work, as well as those in a pass-partout frame, will not be accepted.

Painting from photographs is also prohibited. The organizers will check the artists in their chosen surroundings and location. Each participant will be able to carry out any amount of works that they want, as long as they are executed during the days of the marathon.

The judges will be composed of people with a knowledge of Fine Arts. There will be an odd number on the panel who will be unrelated to the contestants. The composition of the jury will not be known, until after the results are announced.
The first prize will be 800 Euros (donated by the Municipality of Mojácar), second prize will be 500 Euros (provided by an anonymous donor) with a third prize of 300 Euros (courtesy of Glamor beers).

The Mojácar Pueblo Merchants Association will present a fourth prize of 200 Euros to the best work inspired by the “Noche de las Velas” (Night of the Candles) event that this same Association organizes.

Last year, about 20 artists participated and, a total of 25 works were presented. José Luis Cortés Oyonate won the first prize with his work “Aerial view of Mojácar”.