• San Javier football star Marta celebrates Italy Serie A Championship

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

San Javier born Citta di Falconara football star Marta Peñalver is celebrating winning the Women’s Serie A 2021-22 Championship in Italy.

“Remember each of these players – because they have wrote an indelible page in the history of Futsal.

“The Champions of Italy. Citta di Falconara the Queen of Italy,” said a club spokesperson.

Marta, capped by Spain, has played a major role in Citta di Falconara success this season, with fans jubilant in glory.

Danilo Cecconi said: “You are the pride of Falconara, you have given us a dream made up of unique emotions.  “Congratulations to the club of the president Marco Bramucci, to the staff and to all the players.”

Citta di Falconara fans celebrating Serie A Championship.

Momi Marchegiani said: “Passion, sacrifices and dedication always pays off.  Congratulations to all of you, and the wonderful players.”

Giuliana Bufarini said: “You are all magical and I love you.  To the next championship.”

Massimo Marchetti said: “You made me proud to have been part of it.

“It is an honour and I am moved by the mere thought of what you have achieved.

“Thanks that will never end. A big hug to Marco Bramucci, who has always believed in it, in spite of everything and everyone at the cost of sacrifice battles and wars, against windmills and those who were glued with the attack to the armchairs.

“Chapeau to all – it is an honour to have cheered for you.”

Caption: San Javier born Marta Peñalver with Citta di Falconara fan Giuliana Bufarini.